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In the Wild:

Tigers are solitary, with cubs leaving their mothers territory after 2/3 years. They are most active at night, prefering to hunt in dense vegetation and along routes where they can move quietly and ambush their prey. Tigers have the ability to leap 8 – 10 meters, they are excellent swimmers, spending their time bathing in water sources during the midday heat.

Conservation Status:

100 years ago there were 100,000 tigers divided into 9 sub-species. Indian, Indo-chinese, Malayan, Sumatran & Amur are still alive today, however the Balinese, Javan, S. Chinese & Caspian are now extinct, with the remaining sub-species now critically endangered.

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Quick Facts

  • Lifespan: Up to 20 years
  • Distribution: Asia
  • Diet: Carnivore mammals & birds: deer, wild pig, peacock, feral dog!

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What are people saying...

I am writing on behalf of all at South Cambridgeshire Branch of Friends of Chernobyl’s Children to thank you for allowing our new group of children to visit Shepreth Wildlife Park yesterday.

Our chaperones for the day said how helpful your staff were in every way and that they spent a lot of time with the children showing them how to handle the animals and playing interactive games with them.

We really appreciate the fact that you have supported us every year for the last five years and twice this year, allowing both our summer group and autumn group to visit. In times of financial uncertainty it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to raise funds and so we really appreciate being able to not only come to the park and use all of your facilities, free of charge, but also that you provided lunch for the group, drinks and ice creams.

The children also loved the gift bags you gave them.

I visited Belarus in March to help select these children for our new programme and the situations they were all living in were very sad. This really special day and has given the children some lovely memories to take home with them. I know they will be looking forward to their visit next year.

Once again, thank you all so much for your support.

Vanessa Cross