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Shepreth Wildlife Park


Shepreth Wildlife Conservation Charity

Email: swcc@sheprethwildlifepark.co.uk for a different application form

Placement type:

  • One-day a week for 20 weeks
  • Four | Five | Six week block (Monday – Friday inclusive)
  • Six month block placement
  • One year placement
Minimum 20 day requirement  |  Recommended hours: 10am – 5pm

How to Apply:

  • Please email your completed application form to: office@sheprethwildlifepark.co.uk
  • Alternatively you can post a hard copy to: Volunteer Bookings, Shepreth Wildlife Park, Station Road, Shepreth, Herts, SG8 6PZ

Volunteer information

  • On your first day you will receive our Induction Programme followed by a multiple-choice questionnaire.
  • Duties include: general husbandry of species on an assigned section and ensuring visitors are adhering to the current safety rules for visiting the Wildlife Walk (Safety Guardian).
  • It is recommended you bring waterproof clothing, Wellington boots and steel-toe boots (Please note: trainers / sandals are not allowed when working on the Wildlife Park)
  • An up-to-date tetanus is required for all work on-site.
  • All volunteers / students must be over 18 years old.

Job Vacancies

None currently available