Thank you for taking the time and consideration to read this story. Like every business across the country, we are suffering the impact of COVID-19. The team here made the decision to close the park on 20th March at 5pm, not knowing for how long that might be.

Although we are closed, our core bills remain unchanged. We still must pay energy, food and veterinary costs, waste and water bills etc. The wildlife park costs approximately £2,700 a day to operate since it requires such specialist care and maintenance.

The team is currently applying for a loan to be able to meet these bills for the next 6 months, and while we are grateful to have this lifeline, the repayments on this loan will be hard if the wildlife park remains closed.

The smallest donation makes a difference and is received with the deepest gratitude. This family-run organisation began 40 years ago with the love and respect of all animals at its core – and this soulful core remains at its ethos.

Thank you for you support

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