Schools: Experiential Learning Experience


Exclusive Virtual Animal Experience Sessions for schools!

Book your very own V.I.P. virtual education session available until July.
Our ‘up-close and personal’ virtual experiences are perfect for your class, and we can cater for any age group!

Choose from any of our themed sessions OR your own unique focus on any of our animals.
Sessions are 40 minutes, but you can book as many sessions as you like! Just select your chosen timeslot below.

Themes include:

What do animals eat?:

Carnivores, herbivore and omnivores. How they have adapted to eat what they do.


How have animals adapted for life on earth? A closer look at endo and exo skeletons. Why do we have nocturnal, diurnal and crepuscular species? How to survive in hot or cold climates. Why do we need camouflage?


Why do we need conservation? What does it mean? How do we do conservation in the wildlife park? What is the IUCN red list?


How can we identify animals? A look at inverts, arachnids and molluscs. A close-up on wing shapes and foot prints.

What’s included:

All sessions are hosted by a member of our education or animal keeping staff, and include activities complete with pre-sent electronic activity pack and real-life animal observations.


Book your chosen timeslot/s and check out.
We then contact you to confirm your theme or species.
If you are booking a theme, we will email you with the accompanying activity pack.
You will be asked to email us with your zoom link to ensure you are in control of who you invite onto the video call.
Learn, enjoy and be amazed!