NEW! Personalised animal video


Introducing our Personalised animal video
This latest addition to our exciting range of virtual experiences includes a personalised video! A perfect choice for that thoughtful and unique birthday, anniversary or celebration gift for someone special. And it is perfect for any age too!
You will have the rare opportunity to ask any of our keepers to read out any personalised message of your choice, while they are showcasing your chosen species on a pre-recorded message.
Not only is this the perfect gift for any animal lover, but it is also helping us to care for our animals.
  • Please add your chosen species, personalised message and email address here

    • £

Introducing our ‘Personalised animal video’ – live and direct to your living room!

This personal video will include a pre-recorded, personalised video with one of our amazing and knowledgeable animal keepers and an animal of your choice.

You can ask the keeper to read out any personalised message on your very own video while they are showcasing your chosen species to you.

Each two-minute video will be sent direct to an email account of your choice for a donation of £25.



What this is: Two-minute personalised video.

 Please email for further details.

Species choice (please only choose one animal per video):

  • Aardvark
  • African Sands (Tortoises, amphibians, touracos and hornbills)
  • Azara’s agouti and black-tailed marmoset
  • Capybara and mara
  • Coati
  • Emu and wallaby
  • Farm animals (Alpaca, pony and donkey)
  • Hidden Treasures (Reptiles, invertebrates and fish)
  • Meerkat
  • Maned wolf
  • Nocturnal House (Egyptian fruit bat & pygmy slow loris)
  • Owls
  • Pardine genet
  • Porcupine
  • Red panda
  • Scottish wildcat
  • Tiger
  • Tropical House (Pygmy marmoset, armadillo, caiman and iguana)
  • Waldrapp ibis


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