10 Challenges for 10 Years!

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Hello! Thank you for visiting this page.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of SWCC, our Director, Rebecca, will be attempting 10 challenges throughout 2022 with various friends and family members.

SWP and SWCC have raised over £500,000 for worldwide conservation projects, helping to not only save hedgehogs thanks to the SWCC Hedgehog Hospital, but also endangered wildlife across the planet. Thank you for supporting us so far with this incredible work.

To be able to continue to save poorly and injured hedgehogs and protect endangered species like wild tigers, SWCC desperately needs our help …

If you would be happy to offer any support to our cause, we would be very grateful for your generosity. In return for whatever you can offer, Rebecca will attempt the following challenges over the next few months

  1. June: Welsh 3 Peaks (COMPLETED)

  2. July: Yorkshire 3 Peaks

  3. July: Fen Rivers Way Hike (80km)

  4. August: Welsh 3000’s

  5. September: 24 Peak Challenge in the Lake District

  6. September: Marathon distance around the Wildlife Park and surrounding area

  7. September: To be announced later this year … just watch this space

  8. October: Kayak Challenge

  9. November: Arranging the first Charity Ball at King’s College with a target to raise lots more funds!

  10. December: Rebecca will (attempt to) play I Giorni on piano to an audience – having not played for almost 30 years!


Rebecca and the team at Shepreth and SWCC are grateful for anything you can do to help us with this mission. Thank you for taking the time to read this.